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Rujuta – Her profound impact on my life

I have to start off with Rujuta Diwekar – A celebrity nutritionist (Dietician).

I was always a healthy (read chubby also ;)) girl. When I was a kid, it never posed a problem. But once I started taking sports seriously or rather my dad took sports seriously for me, my chubbiness became a bother! for both him and me 🙂

My dad is a fitness freak and a sports lover. I was never pushed once to study by him, but pulled all ways to go to the ground.

Now if I think back those were the best times I ‘ve had with him, the morning walks(I was made to walk a minimum of 3 km along with him at the age of 5 😉 ), football with my brother and father. My father owes my brothers swiftness in sprints to those simple kicks and chasing the ball. 🙂

Even today as I wake up at 5 AM just for the crisp mornings and fresh air, I thank him 🙂

Ok now that’s another story. When I was in +1 and sweet sixteen, I sprained my ankle and though it was not a major injury, I had to rest.

Now during this injury, though I had to stop my strenuous  training, I failed to stop hogging on to food and the end-result was a fat me at the end of 2 years 🙁

It had a very demoralizing effect on me, I started stooping with inferiority unconsciously. I wouldn’t say hate, but I definitely disliked my body. #ConfusedMe

First things first, i started dieting, (avoid sweets, mangoes, chocolates – everything fattening according to the world around me). I definitely lost weight, but not as drastically as I have put on 🙂 I have to say I have not included exercise.

That was when I came across Rujuta’s first book “Don’t lose your mind Lose your weight” and trust me it changed my thinking completely!

I would not tag this book under diet/nutrition books only, I will, like many others place her book under Self-Help, Motivational Books. It’s a pleasant eye-opener and a bible for many!!

Some key points which impacted me:

  • She first insists on exercise along with diet.
  • Eat local, Think Global is another tagline
  • Your grandma’s wisdom knows more than any of the so-called dietitians out there
  • Your body deserves utmost respect and love!

I started understanding and respecting my body, stomach after reading her book.

My complete perspective changed. Weight is not the only criteria or measurement for a better you is what I figured out 🙂

Also that the various traditions, mouth-to-mouth wisdom is more valuable and reliable than the patented knowledge of the WEST!

Over the years I realized that this very ancient wisdom is more helpful and accurate with personal and logical experience.

Thanks to Rujuta 🙂 She always mentions her favorite client is Kareena Kapoor and she actually earned my respect after Rujuta’s mentioning about Kareena’s unconditional respect towards her body. 🙂

My body does even more than just for others to see. It functions perfectly well and helps me in resisting the many ailments and diseases common in this world. Should I not be thankful to it?

Also I started relishing mangoes guilt-free! After all my year long nutrients are provided only during the summers 😉

Bananas, peanuts and all my favorite foods found their right place back in my diet. I relish better 🙂 I also feel better!!

She sends a lot of positive energy and info around with her books, blogs, outlook columns, open days and Facebook page.

Rujuta Thank You 🙂 for making me realize the most wonderful creation of GOD is a human’s body 🙂

Thanks a ton!

You can find out more about her here: http://rujutadiwekar.com/