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can I give my baby a made-in-India chemical-free product??

When my new-born toiletries had to be purchased,my husband knowing of my ‘Made in India’ madness brought me a gift pack of Himalaya Babycare. I was actually very happy. Its herbal too. I never wanted the traditional Johnsons & Johnsons (Though I love their smell). it was too much chemicals for my baby to handle I thought. Himalaya massage oil, bubble soap, shampoo, diaper cream, powder everything suited my baby pretty well. ‘Any cream is too much chemicals’ my 1 year old mommy cousin told me and I happily used the baby cream on my face 😉

When my baby had the usual baby rash – milia, I was worried though I needn’t be.

Then one day I saw a paraben-free Himalaya shampoo I checked the other products, and I was surprised to find the rest of them hoarded with chemicals.

It struck me HERBAL PRODUCTS NEED NOT BE PARABEN FREE. I hurriedly checked the baby product ingredients and was shocked to see they are NOT PARABEN FREE. I felt seriously let down by Himalaya Baby Care.

I mean if you can thinking of giving a shampoo paraben free, what about the gentle baby care??!

I quickly browsed through and settled down to Chicoo and Pigeon which do have natural ingredients and are paraben free, but hell yeah not chemical free.

I was still happy with the Himalaya powder which seems chemical free and actually helped me overcome mild-severe diaper rashes.

And then as I was searching for chemical free products, I came accross the Miss B page on Biotique .. Ah Someone Who thinks like me and actually did something about it and its BIG!

India or Bharat has ancient wisdom which is wasted because its too tedious .. Well better say We have become lazy!! Biotique tries its hand in capturing that ancient wisdom in packaged bottles and have to say it does the job pretty well. Not once did their products broke me out .. They either work or don’t!!

So my baby’s products will be from Baby Biotique.. – Made in India and I so love their smell 🙂 and their products ..





The most forgiving person in my life

I have met the most forgiving person in my life – my daughter Aadya!

She doesn’t blame me for things I do or things I din’t do…

She sees me with a fresh +ve perspective every minute.
She smiles at me if I attend her even if she is unhappy the previous min!

Ah ! How I wish every one I meet and me myself too have the same perspective as my daughter!

Oh ! What a wonderful place this world would be!

Lessons from an infant!



On teachers day it dawned me .. my newborn daughter is the my teacher right now 🙂

Well right now as my daughter teaches me many virtues as we both grow

I have to admit she surpassed my dad 😉

Though i cant say the same about my lil’ bro Sivaditya da Devlkyng

She is more gentle and kind than him .. 🙂

Learning lessons in life – relearning many things with a new perspective!!

And today I realized ..

Four years back when we had lost my lil’ bro .. I din’t think I could love a person ever again …

And then Two years back I met my nephew Abbu gadu and I realised I could still fall in love!!

Abbu  <3 u for that and for the first lessons in infant parent training ..   thank you 🙂
In a way when Satish my dearest hubster .. U walked in immediately after that, I was kinda prepared to try falling for u ..


And finally when U arrived …. Aadya and filled my life gently or rather say LOUDLY, I just knew If I could love a person as much as I love my kiddo brother Aditya, it could only be U!

Re-living LOVE!


A precious angel and an even precious father

Today as I give birth to my baby girl and gift my husband a precious angel, 🙂

i have only one thing to tell him, please hold my baby as preciously my dad holds onto me.

I want my precious one to experience the same assurance and love my dad gives to me his daughter from my baby’s dad, my dearest hubster!



I came across this blog Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog when I was searching for an Indian blog for makeup last year and I was hooked 🙂 There is not a single day I don’t check the blog after that.

This blog holds accumulated review posts from various readers. There are at least 8 blog posts/contributions from various readers all over the globe everyday.

Not many products are left non-reviewed by the IMBB fanfare 😉 Whenever I want to try a new product, I read the review first. The best part is the reviews are from all the normal Jane’s out there like me and not some high-end makeup artists or PR people. So they are all honest and a perspective I can relate to completely.

Rati and Sanjeev are the owners of the blog. IMBB is one of the many successful blogs that they run. I didn’t know they were a couple and in one of comments Sanjeev was lashing out at a rude comment on his biwi. And I was completely clueless what was he doing here at a makeup blog. Then at another instance he was talking about bringing back emoticons and I thought he was the technical guy in the team 😉 Only when Jomol wished Rati and Sanjeev on their anniversary, I could figure out .. I know Silly ME ;P

I really love the blog not only for the frank reviews, I also love it for the bonding developed among the readers and the efforts the owners take to better the experience 🙂

Rati talks about high-end makeup products giving due credit to the local brands too. Sanjeev doesn’t post much, but when he does they are very insightful and witty.

They actually made blogging very glamorous 😉 A lot of the readers inspired by IMBB started their own blogs but continue to write for IMBB 🙂

I love the ownership and feel-good atmosphere there.

Rati and Sanjeev Thank you for inspiring and giving us such a wonderful blog 🙂