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When your preschooler teaches you about compassion!

Manasi and Aadya might want anything and everything under the sun .. otherwise.. but when they are sleepy, they just want the warmth of Amma touching them .. just my hand would do!

It is such moments when they put their hands around my neck .. that I call … 😍 Complete Bliss! ❀️❀️❀️

So I have a rowdy of a younger daughter Manasi πŸ˜…

She decided she wanted to read a book ..

She was calling okay yelling Aaddhaaa aaddhaaa addhaaa .. who by the way was sitting right next to her ..

Aadya was seeking my attention..

I smile 😊 and tell A .. see Manasi is calling out to you .. just like you are calling me ..

She smiled .. and turned towards Miss Manasi.

So Manasi apparently also decided for her Akka that Akka MUST read THE book she pre-decided.

She shoved the book to Aadya and told her to read..

I smiled at my elder daughter’s inconvenience because just the scene where miss A puts me in .. like every hour 😝

Now Aadya let herself an uncomfortable smile and sat down to read ..

I didn’t know how to react to this now .. for a moment ..

Aadya wanted to do something with me .. but sat down with her sister to satisfy her ..

I really felt guilty that she stopped doing something what she wanted maybe because I prodded her to listen to what her sister wants to say to her ..

So I told her ..

it’s okay if you don’t want to read .. you can tell Siva that you wouldn’t be able to read along with her ..

Now my elder daughter surprised me .. overwhelmed me ..

Amma it’s okay .. Siva will feel bad right .. So I will sit down and read πŸ€—


Wow! Aadya always has lessons for me on compassion, empathy and love! She just always does!

I always feel blessed to have such a love-filled soul enter my life! ❀️

P.S. My little stubborn toddler younger daughter refused to allow A to pick any other book! And poor thing just stuck to it for good 15 minutes .. because apparently

It’s okay Amma! Siva will feel bad!

Now after all this .. I just have to share .. Manasi adores Aadya like nobody!

Right from the womb where she used to always respond to Aadya by kicking .. to start looking up to the little big sister, following her 😎 to forgetting her own woes if Aadya is crying and pacifying her😍😘!

I so so love their bond – the sibling bond! πŸ’•

This is that book that Miss Siva Manasi picked up for Miss Sree Aadya 😁

Also we are finally setting up Montessori space at my moms place 😎


Wise and Otherwise:A Salute to Life by Sudha Murthy

Well this book is a collection of anecdotes, each gripping in its own way. They are all real incidents Mrs. Sudha Murthy experienced at various phases in her life.

The tagline ‘A Salute to Life’ is very apt. I so loved the book that IΒ can’t wait to read the other books written by her. πŸ™‚

As you read the book, you find her book written in a very simple language. It connects with the common man. Well of course the bag of stories is all about the common man of course. But nevertheless the language too is very simple :), easily connectable.

Respect for her grows throughout the book. Its the minute details that she holds preciously to share with all of us, the personal touch to the stories that adds the salt :).

Its a tribute to lifeΒ andΒ humanity in particular. πŸ™‚ I am so glad I read this book at this time of my life, where what I read impacts my baby the most πŸ™‚ He would see me relishing the positive/God side of the humane nature and resenting the negative/devil side of the humane nature. I hope he understands and grows up to be a positive humane pumping positive energy all around him.

There are two stories that excited me πŸ™‚

The very 1st story on honesty where the boy returns his extra stipend money and the other of a poor flower vendor who showed gratitude on behalf of the rest like her to Sudha Murthy for the hospital that was built for the poor.

The best part was Sudha Murthy could respond well and take it all πŸ™‚

We see a lot of people changing with time and prosperity. She seems to be one who is unmoved as such. And that’s what excites me the most. πŸ™‚

Hope to read the rest of her books pretty soon. And my baby swallows all the good into him. πŸ™‚