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I came across this blog Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog when I was searching for an Indian blog for makeup last year and I was hooked 🙂 There is not a single day I don’t check the blog after that.

This blog holds accumulated review posts from various readers. There are at least 8 blog posts/contributions from various readers all over the globe everyday.

Not many products are left non-reviewed by the IMBB fanfare 😉 Whenever I want to try a new product, I read the review first. The best part is the reviews are from all the normal Jane’s out there like me and not some high-end makeup artists or PR people. So they are all honest and a perspective I can relate to completely.

Rati and Sanjeev are the owners of the blog. IMBB is one of the many successful blogs that they run. I didn’t know they were a couple and in one of comments Sanjeev was lashing out at a rude comment on his biwi. And I was completely clueless what was he doing here at a makeup blog. Then at another instance he was talking about bringing back emoticons and I thought he was the technical guy in the team 😉 Only when Jomol wished Rati and Sanjeev on their anniversary, I could figure out .. I know Silly ME ;P

I really love the blog not only for the frank reviews, I also love it for the bonding developed among the readers and the efforts the owners take to better the experience 🙂

Rati talks about high-end makeup products giving due credit to the local brands too. Sanjeev doesn’t post much, but when he does they are very insightful and witty.

They actually made blogging very glamorous 😉 A lot of the readers inspired by IMBB started their own blogs but continue to write for IMBB 🙂

I love the ownership and feel-good atmosphere there.

Rati and Sanjeev Thank you for inspiring and giving us such a wonderful blog 🙂



Preeti Shenoy’s Blog

I read her “34 Bubblegums and Candies” years back and was impressed the way she wrote. She did mention that those anecdotes were various posts of her blog. They were interesting, fun to read and touching.

After that I read each and every book of hers. Each book has a different story line. Only that writing style remains the same – Gripping and touching 🙂

I was just trying to surf blogs and I came across her blog .. Much Love! Preeti Shenoy

I went through her complete Mama Moments post in one sitting. She inspires/motivates me to put kids first before you 🙂 Putting aside career/financial independence for the sake of kids is not easy at all .. But going through your posts Preeti I have to say U just showed how beautiful and worthy it is 🙂

You would inspire me for the same when needed 🙂

Also I love her style of blogging, its simple, made to feel as if conversing directly with you. She is an inspiration for me to start blogging too.

Blogging need not be serious, It could be just what, when you feel touched is what I learnt from her blog.

Thank You 🙂



Sudha Murthy – A person untouched with fame and money

Sudha Murthy wife of Narayana Murthy needs no introduction. She is renowned for her philanthropic works and books.

Out of curiosity, I picked up her “Wise and Otherwise:A Salute to Life”. Frankly, I expected it to be boring and complex. But as I read the first story, I was totally floored with her simple writing narrating the simple threads of human interactions in her life.

I couldn’t stop reading, as I loved stories and those were something I could totally relate in todays life. The stories were very thought provoking and simple to understand.

As I put the book down, respect for her and her writings grew immensely.
I bought all her novels and finished them within 4 days 🙂

All the novels were intense and just like her stories, woven on the delicate threads of human relations and interactions 🙂
I liked the way the heroines of her novels are portrayed. They were all unique in this mad rush world or better say India.

None of the novels had a happy ending was what I was very disappointed about 🙁 I do so hate sad endings ..
But .. the protagonist always found peace at the end 🙂

Just as I finished the book Mahashwetha, my dad walked in and I narrated the complete story along with the postscript at the end of the novel where after reading the novel a guy after understanding the pain of the leukoderma patients, realizing his mistake, gets married to his girlfriend who was a victim of the disease. Sudha Murthy was invited to the marriage by the girl who felt her marriage would be complete if she visited her.
She also gifted Sudha Murthy a sari, which she holds to preciously remembering Malati’s (the bride) happy face each time 🙂

I started ranting about no happy endings in her novels and my dad pointed out .. This story definitely has a happy ending, Malati 🙂
He was right!

Sudha Murthy – You are an inspiration, 🙂 Be it the philanthropic work or writing, spreading a piece of your mind is very important.
It was only after reading your “Wise and Otherwise” that I strongly felt I have to write/share my experiences in the various walks of life.

Thank you 🙂
Please do continue writing and continue inspiring the younger generation of us 🙂



Rujuta – Her profound impact on my life

I have to start off with Rujuta Diwekar – A celebrity nutritionist (Dietician).

I was always a healthy (read chubby also ;)) girl. When I was a kid, it never posed a problem. But once I started taking sports seriously or rather my dad took sports seriously for me, my chubbiness became a bother! for both him and me 🙂

My dad is a fitness freak and a sports lover. I was never pushed once to study by him, but pulled all ways to go to the ground.

Now if I think back those were the best times I ‘ve had with him, the morning walks(I was made to walk a minimum of 3 km along with him at the age of 5 😉 ), football with my brother and father. My father owes my brothers swiftness in sprints to those simple kicks and chasing the ball. 🙂

Even today as I wake up at 5 AM just for the crisp mornings and fresh air, I thank him 🙂

Ok now that’s another story. When I was in +1 and sweet sixteen, I sprained my ankle and though it was not a major injury, I had to rest.

Now during this injury, though I had to stop my strenuous  training, I failed to stop hogging on to food and the end-result was a fat me at the end of 2 years 🙁

It had a very demoralizing effect on me, I started stooping with inferiority unconsciously. I wouldn’t say hate, but I definitely disliked my body. #ConfusedMe

First things first, i started dieting, (avoid sweets, mangoes, chocolates – everything fattening according to the world around me). I definitely lost weight, but not as drastically as I have put on 🙂 I have to say I have not included exercise.

That was when I came across Rujuta’s first book “Don’t lose your mind Lose your weight” and trust me it changed my thinking completely!

I would not tag this book under diet/nutrition books only, I will, like many others place her book under Self-Help, Motivational Books. It’s a pleasant eye-opener and a bible for many!!

Some key points which impacted me:

  • She first insists on exercise along with diet.
  • Eat local, Think Global is another tagline
  • Your grandma’s wisdom knows more than any of the so-called dietitians out there
  • Your body deserves utmost respect and love!

I started understanding and respecting my body, stomach after reading her book.

My complete perspective changed. Weight is not the only criteria or measurement for a better you is what I figured out 🙂

Also that the various traditions, mouth-to-mouth wisdom is more valuable and reliable than the patented knowledge of the WEST!

Over the years I realized that this very ancient wisdom is more helpful and accurate with personal and logical experience.

Thanks to Rujuta 🙂 She always mentions her favorite client is Kareena Kapoor and she actually earned my respect after Rujuta’s mentioning about Kareena’s unconditional respect towards her body. 🙂

My body does even more than just for others to see. It functions perfectly well and helps me in resisting the many ailments and diseases common in this world. Should I not be thankful to it?

Also I started relishing mangoes guilt-free! After all my year long nutrients are provided only during the summers 😉

Bananas, peanuts and all my favorite foods found their right place back in my diet. I relish better 🙂 I also feel better!!

She sends a lot of positive energy and info around with her books, blogs, outlook columns, open days and Facebook page.

Rujuta Thank You 🙂 for making me realize the most wonderful creation of GOD is a human’s body 🙂

Thanks a ton!

You can find out more about her here: