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Perspective .. It keeps changing ..
I share my opinions ..what I feel .. anything and everything that touches my heart ..


I have been on a sabbatical for so long on the blog.

Rather than the block or extreme fatigue from the challenging job of handling three under 6, I would attribute it to my lack of clarity.

I was just searching for the right platform to reach out to more people rather than simply write for the joy.

well only after going through all my blog posts .. I discovered the joy .. of .. reading 🙂

Though I did decide on writing .. posting just for the joy .. for documenting .. writing a blog post .. simply didn’t happen ..

Maybe seeing the longer blog posts made me get this notion at the back of my head .. Blog posts have to be LONG!

well all it took was reading my posts and realize .. what matters is I just continue writing .. and here ..

Though facebook .. instagram .. twitter .. or even whatsapp or even pretty recently PRINT ..

I feel most comfortable rather .. most happy writing my heart out here ..
Maybe because this space is entirely mine .. I just dont know but well I am glad I am .. breaking the sabbatical 🙂

Attaching that special moment of the week where my chirpytales was read in print 🙂 <3


and well here’s to Hope of blogging more here in 2020!



When I put her in pain ..

A has been stressed out these days ..

she might be undergoing a growth spurt .. or .. the new class that she has moved up ..

the heat .. or .. well I am still trying to figure..

I know it will pass .. but still it’s really hard!

After a tantrum and me reacting .. not so well ..

We reactions just do that!!

Responding is what we must be doing but .. always been wired to react .. since my childhood .. and still being reacted upon .. I am unable to .. Respond instead of react 🙁

So ..

She questioned me yesterday..

“how could u do it?

Don’t u know I am in lots of pain? “(She hurt her ear .. I was worried and couldn’t sleep the night before .. well that’s another story)

Well setting boundaries is tough..!!!

Reading a lot of parenting books is one thing .. but doing accordingly .. actually remembering .. them at appropriate times is another ..

well trying to respond finally .. especially when she was wheeling me to the right way ..

I told her

“I am sorry .. u made a mistake .. while correcting it .. I was made a bigger mistake!

I am so sorry ..

I am so sorry ..

I am apologising sincerely ..

What do u want me to do to let you forgive me?”




She had big emotions..



But she forgave me and was her normal .. self showering me with loads of love

But .. I couldn’t forgive myself as easily as she could .. especially after she pointed out .. how painful it was for her to deal with me letting her down! Yes .. I did let her down!!

I am the centre of her little world!


But .. well ..


Children are a blessing .. they let u see a new perspective and they are so forgiving!

Well four years she is ..

but .. she is a human on her own!

Not just my child ..


I realised writing this down helped me ease a little more ..

so well!

Then again .. this is something that is written with pain .. but earnestly and honestly for me to come back and reflect!

Until then I soak in #aadyalove to heal!


When your preschooler teaches you about compassion!

Manasi and Aadya might want anything and everything under the sun .. otherwise.. but when they are sleepy, they just want the warmth of Amma touching them .. just my hand would do!

It is such moments when they put their hands around my neck .. that I call … 😍 Complete Bliss! ❤️❤️❤️

So I have a rowdy of a younger daughter Manasi 😅

She decided she wanted to read a book ..

She was calling okay yelling Aaddhaaa aaddhaaa addhaaa .. who by the way was sitting right next to her ..

Aadya was seeking my attention..

I smile 😊 and tell A .. see Manasi is calling out to you .. just like you are calling me ..

She smiled .. and turned towards Miss Manasi.

So Manasi apparently also decided for her Akka that Akka MUST read THE book she pre-decided.

She shoved the book to Aadya and told her to read..

I smiled at my elder daughter’s inconvenience because just the scene where miss A puts me in .. like every hour 😝

Now Aadya let herself an uncomfortable smile and sat down to read ..

I didn’t know how to react to this now .. for a moment ..

Aadya wanted to do something with me .. but sat down with her sister to satisfy her ..

I really felt guilty that she stopped doing something what she wanted maybe because I prodded her to listen to what her sister wants to say to her ..

So I told her ..

it’s okay if you don’t want to read .. you can tell Siva that you wouldn’t be able to read along with her ..

Now my elder daughter surprised me .. overwhelmed me ..

Amma it’s okay .. Siva will feel bad right .. So I will sit down and read 🤗


Wow! Aadya always has lessons for me on compassion, empathy and love! She just always does!

I always feel blessed to have such a love-filled soul enter my life! ❤️

P.S. My little stubborn toddler younger daughter refused to allow A to pick any other book! And poor thing just stuck to it for good 15 minutes .. because apparently

It’s okay Amma! Siva will feel bad!

Now after all this .. I just have to share .. Manasi adores Aadya like nobody!

Right from the womb where she used to always respond to Aadya by kicking .. to start looking up to the little big sister, following her 😎 to forgetting her own woes if Aadya is crying and pacifying her😍😘!

I so so love their bond – the sibling bond! 💕

This is that book that Miss Siva Manasi picked up for Miss Sree Aadya 😁

Also we are finally setting up Montessori space at my moms place 😎


An ex-skater’s take on skating for children today

I was asked to post about skating for kids on one of my favorite parenting groups and I did an elaborate post on it. So decided to share the same here and would be editing more in a while 🙂
I have been a national skater .. Roller hockey player(more precisely)
I was introduced to skating when I was 4/5, was given a break and reintroduced at 10 years .. Again 🙂
So I know a lot of my friends were into skating since they were 3 ..

My dad was keen about sports .. So we were always playing/exploring/learning some sport or the other ..
We took skating as a sport – it was an integral part of our life ..
Activity is different from a sport ..

We were trained properly for skating .. If we had to do 1hr of skating .. It was always 1 hr or even more preparing for it, warm up, exercises, flexibility, crunches and so on ..

Sometimes skating was just skipped 🙂
What I wanted to emphasise is .. Our bodies were prepared for skating .. (Since i have been hearing in the groups that legs being not strong enough and all — i really can’t comment on this because we had dedicated coaches and they took care that we were strong and developed us )
Also there are techniques as to how we should be skating ..

1.  you would need jonex skates with the brake removed .. to start with and would move on to quads, inline ..

You get the jonex skates in any sports shops .. Plastic skates are a dud and a big NO-NO 🙂

Attaching the pic of jonex .. These are size-adjustable as well

2. You would need bend your knees and skate ..

3. You need to learn to fall first i.e fall on your bums 😆

4. You would need to learn balancing on 1 leg at time first and then both the legs ..

5. You would need to learn to brake 🙂

6. You are ready to go 🙂

Skating is/was always fun .. We used to cover places on skates .. Hockey is any day fun to watch or play 🙂

Thank you Amruta Ramsubramaniam for asking me to post 🙂 nostalgic .. 🙂 Much love ❤️


The negatives in me

I suddenly ask my dad .. “DAD whats my asset?? What am I good at?” He doesn’t even think and starts answering about my negatives .. Procrastination .. He is about to go on, when I ask him to hold on and TELL ME ONLY ABOUT MY POSITIVE TRAITS!

He then tells me “You have everything in positive and all the assets to be positive. You are not cunning/send positive vibes around, determined and all ..

But I really don’t understand why you fail to do anything completely ..


Is he right? Of course he is .. as always .. I don’t get the drive always within me to complete what I  started .. Is it always? Well the only time I push myself beyond despite of everything is when I am doing things for others .. selflessly .. Only when I don’t get anything, I surprisingly push myself!

Well also I realized if any work dint interest me anymore, I just leave it unless it affects gravely ..

I actually found the retrospect strange.

But, this has been the start for me and my retrospection and a long way to go 🙂

P.S. This post has been procrastinated forever 😀 and I decide to complete it 🙂 today i.e. 1.9.2016.


That hideout of our divinity

I received this message as a forward mail.
According to an old Hindu legend, there was a time when all human beings were gods, but they abused their divinity.
So, Brahma, the chief God, decided to take the divinity away from them and hide it somewhere they could never find it.
Brahma called a council of the gods to help him decide where to hide the divinity.

“Let’s bury it deep in the earth,” said the gods. But Brahma answered, “Humans will dig into the earth and find it.”

Some gods suggested, “Let’s sink it in the deepest ocean.” But Brahma said, “No, Human will learn to dive into the ocean and will find it.”
Then some gods suggested, “Let’s take it to the top of the highest mountain and hide it there.”

Brahma replied, “Human will eventually climb every mountain and take up their divinity.” Then all the gods gave up and said, “We do not know where to hide it, because it
seems that there is no place on earth or ocean that human beings will not eventually reach.”

Brahma thought for a long time said, “We will hide their divinity deep into the center of their own being, Humans will search for it here and there but they wont look for the divinity inside their true selves.”

All the gods agreed that this was the perfect hiding place, and the deed was done.

And since then, humans have been going up and down the earth, digging, diving, climbing, and exploring, searching for something, which already lies within themselves.

“Divinity lies within us all”

I was completely bowled! The point was made so subtly and precisely.
So sure-shot was Brahma’s hidey-hole!
No wonder we have to dig out the humanity/divinity within us to reach out!