Colours, popsicle sticks and a toddler

My little daughter refuses to acknowledge colours 🙂
Of course its a toddler we are talking about ..

How to familiarize when pointing to the routine objects dint help and I couldn’t do those so very interesting but painstaking crafts for her ?!
I got hold of crayons and found some popsicle sticks lying around.

I thought why not a simple matching activity for her? It wouldn’t be too overwhelming and its very easy peasy for me as well 😀
So I just had fun colouring them when she went for a stroll and when she was back she was excited 🙂
And I could finally make her interested in colours ..

So I think keep it simple mommy ! does the trick 🙂
There you go my little craft .. And I always feel if I could do something, ANYBODY can do it 🙂

I feel water colors would do more justice for even colouring but I did utilise what was available 😛 and definitely little A did not notice 😀

I have some more activities in mind with these popsicle sticks .. Will post them when I get to do action 🙂




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